Ian Mooney
Ian Mooney
Senior Software Engineer


About me

I’m a hard-working developer with a wide range of development experience. I’m sociable and strive to work in a fun environment that promotes creativity and innovation. I believe it’s important to enjoy writing your code and to be proud of it.

I'm looking for a product-focused company with a great work ethic. I want to be part of a talented team that works together to build something they really care about.

Some things I believe

  • A good programmer writes simple code, not complex code.
  • Use new technologies because they make sense, not because the cool kids are using them.
  • Always be open to other ideas and don't be defensive if people suggest alternatives.
  • There's always time for tests.
  • Don't be precious with your code, if it's no longer needed, get rid! (It'll always be in Git)
  • Never over-engineer. Simplicity is more valuable than unused functionality.
  • It's fun to go with your gut but doing what the data suggests is more reliable.
  • Don't follow processes blindly. Do them because they provide benefit, otherwise don't do them.
  • Be test-smart. Not everything needs to be tested.
  • Commit often. It tells a story.
  • The end-user is the best tester. Get it infront of them as soon as possible.
  • Never underestimate the power of a well-placed comment. It might be obvious now, it won't later.